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Retail Business Model

As per the Retail Business Model, Retail globalization has made the world smaller and closer in terms of reach. It has made products and services available at the wink of an eye. Chinese dolls in (United States ) US markets, US food chains in Japan markets, Japan cars in Indian markets, Indian steel in United kingdom (UK) markets, and in this manner the retail chain connects the entire world in this give-take relationship.

What happens in a retail process? Does it follow a pattern? The answer to these questions lies in this simple

Retail Business Model

Retailer Buy Products and Services From Wholesaler >> Puts the Profit margin to that Products / Services >> Sells it to the end customer at the retail outlet >> Provide after the sales servic for customer satisfaction and retention

This is the simplest diagrammatic of retail business model representation of the industry that practically is the fastest-growing segment of the economy, a blessing of globalization. As one of the world's largest employers, Retail Business Model the retail industry provides excellent business opportunities for everyone. At least one-third of the 500,000 or so new enterprises launched each year are retail operations. Of the world’s 10 largest retailers, six of the companies are from the US and four are from European countries. These top ten had combined sales of $978.5 billion in 2007, according to international consulting group, Deloitte.

Retail sector is a booming sector and comparatively unfathomed with the global recession. That is because it is a means of livelihood now to the common man and indeed personal and hence, losing charm is something Retail Industry is not worried about…

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